Why Eat Popcorn?

Simply put, there is nothing not to love about popcorn. For starters, it smells simply divine when a bag is first opened; most folks can't help but dip their nose into the bag to take a great sniff. Popcorn is crunchy. It is flavorful. You can toss individual kernels into the air and try to catch them in your mouth for spontaneous displays of silliness. It makes movies, ballgames, and even the circus more entertaining. It is an incredibly sociable snack. Popcorn never fails to put a smile on the face of those who grab a handful.

The other thing about popcorn, especially Popcorn, Indiana popcorn, is that for all the fun and frivolity found in every bag, it is also quite the healthful little munch. Popcorn has half the fat of potato chips per serving*, and can add whole grain in your daily diet. So as you laugh and joke with your friends and family, enjoying the rich taste and irresistible texture of freshly popped, farm-grown popcorn from Popcorn, Indiana, you are actually giving your body something it really wants.

So don't ask the question "Why eat popcorn?" Ask, "Why not eat popcorn?"

*Standard Reference for 1oz (28g) of regular potato chips: 10g of fat (Source USDA)